Data as a Service
Unleash hidden data for new business opportunity
At DATAFLUCT, we develop and adapt our services to work with our partners’ unique requirements.
DATAFLUCT also develops services and
business running with our partners.
DATAFLUCT’s products can all be personalized to meet our customer's needs more effectively and efficiently,
making interactions faster and easier.
DATAFLUCT also develops services and
business running with our partners.

Provide trade area analysis with AI support

Make data-driven decisions using Satellite image search for object detection analysiss

Minimize food waste and increase sales /profit with IDSS

Provide price and harvesting prediction to optimize crop yield and market price

Assist in work automation in the service industry with custom AI chatbot

Providing useful alternative data for stock investing
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Coming soon...
Coming soon...
At DATAFLUCT, we support your businesses with digital transformation to fundamentally change how your operate
and deliver value to customers.
Aggregate Data
Correlate Insights
Purchases Data
Develop Bussiness Model
In today’s rapidly changing business environment, your business needs agile adaptation. It is good to have the most value of your resources, especially from your data. We can cover all your needs by providing the wide range of services. We are reinventing data consulting by turning data into ingenious and innovative tools for your business arsenal.
“Capture the essence of the
world from fluctuations”
Service flow
Data acquisition
With the rapid development of space technology, 5G, IoT, AI, data is increasing explosively.
DATAFLUCT not only collects, integrates, analyzes, and develops prediction model, but also develops services and business running with our partners.
Hayato Kumemura
CEO / Founder
Yugo Hosoda
Ippei Nishiyama
Product Manager
Kohei Kumazaki
Technical advisor
Shunsuke Nakamura
Data Scientist
Kazuya Ishida
Technical advisor
Masataka Kamiosako
Shuhei Noaki
Satoshi Hosoya
Emi Tagahara

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