Provide performance forecasting services using alternative
data for stock investing
Alternative data for asset management
DATAFLUCT financial provides various types of statistical analysis and stock trend predicton based on alternative
data. By using our platform, investors can analyze, evaluate, and monitor stock market.
Advantages of alternative data
Alternative data helps investors get more accurate, faster, or more granular insights and metrics into a company’s performance than a traditional data can (financial statements, SEC filings, management
presentations, press releases, etc).

 DATAFLUCT financial provides real time tracking of consumer purchasing trend using data from POS system
and credit card transactions.

By using our platform investers will be able to evaluate company performance before company financial
reports are released.

Provide trade area analysis with AI support

Make data-driven decisions using Satellite image search for object detection analysiss

Minimize food waste and increase sales /profit with IDSS

Provide price and harvesting prediction to optimize crop yield and market price

Assist in work automation in the service industry with custom AI chatbot

Providing useful alternative data for stock investing
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