Assist in work automation in the service industry with custom AI chatbot
Can help companies create a fun and creative working
environment with the power of AI.
DATAFLUCT intelligent makes works in service industry more enjoyable by assist in work automation and improve overall efficiency.
DATAFLUCT intelligent consolidate
and aggrigate data in single
platform to automate operations
with AI reccomendation algorithm.
DATAFLUCT intelligent gives
insights by analyzing big data. By
using machine learning, chatbot
automaticaly creats a daily report
and issues via messenging app.
DATAFLUCT intelligent supports
digital marketing optimization
which is designed for users who are
not specialized in digital marketing
and data analysis.
Primary Features
Data Integration
Data Visualization
Number of visitors / Sales forecast
Sifting through survey
data with AI assist
Supporting Features
Automatically generate business reports and send
via messenging apps.
Utilizing NPS to get
feedbacks to improve your
service, and overall
customer satisfaction.
Support for acquiring new customers

Provide trade area analysis with AI support

Make data-driven decisions using Satellite image search for object detection analysiss

Minimize food waste and increase sales /profit with IDSS

Provide price and harvesting prediction to optimize crop yield and market price

Assist in work automation in the service industry with custom AI chatbot

Providing useful alternative data for stock investing
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