Provide trade area analysis with AI support
We use AI analytic tool to predict the chance of success
store opening and reduce the probability of failure.
With DATAFLUCT Marketing, sale prediction is simply calculated by entering a type of business and a prospect location
(location information, product information, etc.). Our AI analytic tool can test your decision using undiscovered data for
store opening strategy to reduce the probability of failure.
Give recommendation for potential
real estates based on the type of
retail business.
Perform comprehensive probability
of success using 4 types of sales
estimation models.
Provide sales simulations based on
existing store data.
Heat map /
shopper flow
Real estate vancancy
Real Estate Competitor Analysis
Four types of
sales estimation models
Sales simulaBtion based
on existing store data
Profitability Analysis

Provide trade area analysis with AI support

Make data-driven decisions using Satellite image search for object detection analysiss

Minimize food waste and increase sales /profit with IDSS

Provide price and harvesting prediction to optimize crop yield and market price

Assist in work automation in the service industry with custom AI chatbot

Providing useful alternative data for stock investing
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